Myrtle Jean Lofts: A Tribute to Resilient Women

Welcome to Myrtle Jean Lofts, a unique and empowering space located at 4663-79 Stenton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144. More than just a building, Myrtle Jean Lofts carries a profound meaning, honoring the memory of a strong and creative woman. In this article, we'll delve into the inspiring story behind the loft's creation and explore the diverse community it houses, showcasing the ambition and determination of its occupants.

A Dedication to Myrtle Jean Jackson

Myrtle Jean Lofts is not just any building; it is a heartfelt tribute to the late Myrtle Jean Jackson. A visionary and free-spirited individual, Myrtle Jean was known for her love of art and her favorite color, yellow. As a single mother, she epitomized strength and resilience, qualities that inspired her child and later influenced the formation of these lofts. When Chavone Jackson purchased the property, he knew that honoring his mother's legacy through her name would be a fitting way to celebrate her spirit of independence and creativity.

A Diverse Community of Dreamers

Stepping into Myrtle Jean Lofts reveals a diverse and vibrant community, primarily comprising strong, ambitious women. The lofts cater to a wide range of professionals, from budding entrepreneurs taking their first steps to seasoned industry veterans seeking a change. The flexible spaces allow for various businesses, such as hair salons, makeup studios, art spaces, and more. Chavone Jackson’s keen eye for inclusivity and affordability has made Myrtle Jean Lofts an attractive destination for talented individuals ready to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Empowering Success

The allure of Myrtle Jean Lofts extends beyond its name and diverse community. The lofts have become a symbol of success and empowerment for those who choose to lease them. As the testimonies reveal, the environment is clean, serene, and devoid of unnecessary distractions, fostering an atmosphere of productivity and growth. The lofts' success stories are shared through word of mouth, emphasizing the sense of camaraderie and support that prevails within the space.

Unique Leasing Approach

Myrtle Jean Lofts takes pride in its flexible leasing approach, catering to the varying needs of its occupants. With lease durations ranging from six months to two years, the space accommodates college students seeking short-term rentals to established professionals planning to expand their businesses. The process is streamlined, with prospective tenants placed on a waiting list, and the management company notifies them when suitable spaces become available.

Expanding Horizons

Buoyed by the immense success of Myrtle Jean Lofts, the founder is now looking to expand to other locations. This expansion is a testament to the loft's popularity and the growing demand for such intimate and supportive spaces, especially after the challenges posed by the pandemic. The new location promises to build on the original loft's ethos while accommodating more aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a sense of community and empowerment.


Myrtle Jean Lofts stands as a testament to the strength, creativity, and resilience of women, a living tribute to the memory of Myrtle Jean Jackson. The nurturing environment of these lofts has fostered countless success stories, with tenants pursuing their dreams and achieving new heights. As this empowering community grows and expands to new locations, the legacy of Myrtle Jean will continue to inspire generations to come.

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