Commercial Development

Jackson Holdings, LLC, is a pioneering force in the realm of mixed-use commercial development. Our commitment to innovation and urban revitalization has propelled us to the forefront of the real estate industry. Specializing in the construction of dynamic strip malls and pre-developed land projects throughout the urban community, we are dedicated to creating harmonious spaces where commerce and residential living coexist seamlessly.

At Jackson Holdings, our vision centers around striking the perfect balance between commercial and residential elements. With a focus on mixed-use urban centers, particularly center city Philadelphia, we aim to develop commercial buildings with a capacity of at least 100 to 200 units. These well-appointed units, ranging from 700 to 2000 square feet, are designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern urban dwellers and commercial businesses.

Our philosophy revolves around providing our clients with a blank canvas upon which they can add their personal touch. We take immense pride in collaborating closely with tenants, offering them the opportunity to "build to suit" their commercial and residential spaces. This approach ensures that each space becomes a reflection of the client's unique vision and requirements, resulting in spaces that are truly extraordinary.

Jackson Holdings is renowned for its seamless operation, owing to our fully integrated services. As a comprehensive company encompassing construction, storage, and moving capabilities, we ensure that every aspect of the development process is handled with utmost efficiency and professionalism. This integration not only streamlines the journey but also allows us to maintain an unparalleled level of quality and attention to detail.

Residential Development

Welcome to Jackson Holdings, LLC, a prominent player in residential development, specializing in the rehabilitation of distressed units into contemporary residential properties. Our primary focus is on renovating and renting properties, with occasional sales. From single-family homes to multi-family units, we specialize in the revitalization of two to three-bedroom row homes. Our extensive portfolio spans across all neighborhoods in Philadelphia, embracing diverse demographic profiles.

At Jackson Holdings, our mission centers around transforming neglected properties into modern living spaces. With a dedication to quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, we breathe new life into each project, offering comfortable and desirable homes for our tenants. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation for delivering exceptional residential properties throughout the city.

As we continue to evolve, our vision is to venture into mixed-use properties, featuring 20-plus residential units. This strategic direction aligns with our goal of enhancing urban living by seamlessly integrating commercial and residential elements. We strive to contribute positively to the city's growth and provide valuable living spaces that cater to the needs of the community.

New Developments

Ming Self Storage Olney

Currently, we are undertaking an exciting project in the Olney section of Philadelphia, rejuvenating an old factory that once produced peas and corn. This acre of land has seen a complete transformation as we demolished the silos and equipment, making way for a modern mixed-use development.

The redevelopment process involved significant expansion and enhancement. The existing 900 square feet office space has been extended to an impressive 3,900 square feet, spanning two additional stories. Alongside this, we have crafted six bi-level apartments, offering contemporary living spaces designed to meet the demands of today's urban dwellers. To complement these residential units, we have introduced two commercial storefronts, creating an opportunity for businesses to thrive in this vibrant community.

As part of our commitment to providing versatile solutions, we have integrated a drive-up self-storage facility at the back of the property. This addition caters to the needs of individuals and businesses seeking convenient storage solutions in the bustling Olney area.

At Jackson Holdings, we take pride in our ability to transform abandoned spaces into vibrant living and commercial areas. Ming Self Storage Olney is a testament to our dedication to sustainable urban development, creating spaces that enrich the lives of residents and invigorate local businesses.

The Temple Area Project

At Jackson Holdings LLC, we pride ourselves on crafting homes that meld contemporary design with ultimate functionality. We are thrilled to announce our latest endeavor, the Temple Area Project, set to redefine multi-family living in the area.

Project Overview

Our Temple Area project comprises five uniquely designed rental units tailored to cater to a diverse range of family sizes and lifestyles:

One 3-Bedroom Unit: A spacious haven for families or those who appreciate extra space. Thoughtfully designed for both comfort and style.

Two 2-Bedroom Units: Perfect for couples, roommates or small families. A blend of contemporary aesthetics with practicality.

Two 1-Bedroom Units: Ideal for singles or couples. These units offer a chic, modern space with all the amenities of a larger home.

This project embodies the dedication and passion we at Jackson Holdings LLC have for creating homes that our tenants are proud to live in.


The Temple Area is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, buzzing nightlife, and proximity to amenities, making it an ideal location for our new project. Residents will enjoy the convenience of city living while being nestled in a community that still retains a close-knit, neighborhood feel.

Anticipated Move-in

We understand the eagerness of our future tenants to move into their new homes. We're excited to share that the Temple Area project units will be ready for move-in by mid-spring of 2024.

Leasing Details

Interested parties should mark their calendars as leasing will commence in early 2024. We encourage potential tenants to express their interest early, given the unique appeal and limited availability of these units.

Join the Jackson Holdings Community

With a reputation for quality, integrity, and attention to detail, Jackson Holdings LLC continues its tradition of providing exceptional homes to discerning renters. The Temple Area project is a testament to our commitment to elevating the standard of living in our communities.

For inquiries or to express your interest, please reach out to our leasing team. Be a part of the future, and secure your spot in this stellar project today.

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